The following part is a description of the spells tree. Each spell is describe as well as its effects. You can find the main skills required for it and also see what is the effect depending of the level.

------------- Fire -------------
The fire is pure magic. It requires mostly some magic skills and is used to burn the units. The effect is to do a lot of damages on the target

------------- Ice -------------
The ice is almost pure magic. The ice is used to slow the units. Stronger is the spell, slower is the unit. However, this spell doesn't do any damage.

------------- Earth -------------
The earth is a mix between the magic and the divinity skills. The earth can do some damages but is useful to strun the units. Stronger is the spell, longer is the stun.

------------- Poison -------------
The poison is a mix between the magic and the divinity skills. The poison integrates the unit and reduces his armor and resistances the units. Stronger is the spell, bigger is the reduction.

------------- Gold -------------
The gold spells need divinity skills. It is a reward given by the gods to protect them. By killing a unit under the gold spell, you'llreceive more money. However, this effect is not permanent, and the god are often impatient.

------------- Light -------------
The light spells require mostly your divinity skills. It will enlighten the unit and help the tower to see and target them further. Strong is the spell, further is the distance.

------------- Malediction -------------
The malediction is a mix of divinity skills and magic. It was said that only strong magicians could find interest in those spells. The main effect is to reduce temporary the life of the unit.

------------- Electricity -------------
Electricity is another magic spells. Used on a unit, this one will damage all the units around him. This effect is strong and powerful but sometimes hard to use. Stronger is the damage, longer is the effect distance and stronger are the damages.