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Attack of the sheep clones

After the UI, I'm improving (that's a huge improvement, you'll see :)) the units... some of you told me the magician walking without moving his feet is not a proof of high technology... (who is impressed by someone walking with his feet ??).

So here is the attack of the sheep clones (I don't know how to draw but I can make them jump...) There are other models too and will be many more soon (It's funny how many object you can make jump :))

Sheep clones

Font Management and rendering

The font is an important part of the graphics. It has to be clear, easily readable and small enough.
The previous version, as described in one of my first post was using a bitmap pre-generated and a metric file.

I still beleive it's a good idea, except for the pre-generated part (how a waste of time it is !). So I looked at some OpenGL good GUI and found good articles about Freetype2. For those who don't know yet, it's a library generating font bitmap from true type fonts. (The article on Nehe Tutorials is a good way to start to use it).

Simple Font

2D Shock-wave on texture with shader

The new shader example is about how to simulate a shock-wave over a texture.
It is really useful for my explosion. The result is pretty cool. It looks like a transparent shock-wave, and I think I could use it for water wave. If you can make a better version of it, I'll appreciate to get it :)

I could have used 2 textures (the real texture + a normal-like map) to implement it. However I'm not sure if the multi-texture is part of all the almost recent devices, I use a distance algorithm.
Video from YouTube to show the effect of the shockwaves :


Bring the peons for the construction

To be honest, there is no peons at the moment... but maybe one day. My idea was more about how to make the player know a tower is in construction and not broken. I don't have skills/time to draw animation so I simply made the tower appears slowly from the ground until it reaches its size. Who never looked at a construction site and never saw a huge smoke of earth. That's my second idea... to add some smoke during the construction.

Here is the result and I really like it :)

Tower construction

New Tower design

There are a lot a new features in the new version. One of the most interesting is the Tower design... which look like a tower. Thanks to Lislyn for the images.
I made different skins depending of the tower level and also for the weapons. I let you look at it.

You can also see the loading bar over each tower. It is useful to follow the tower loading time. Really easy to implement, I don't see anything more to say about it.

In the next post I'll show you the construction animation and the new shader used for the AOE weapons.

Does it look like a tower now ?

Draw edge of the picture with shader

I got the simple idea to represent the unit life percent by a color (green -> yellow -> red). But the problem was how to keep the texture of my unit and to add the possibility to see the life color ?
I could have used a simple sphere or bar close to the unit but I didn't really liked it. I also tried to colorize the unit but the result is not really beautiful.

One of my idea was to draw the edge of the Texture with the color. And one of the easiest (and also fastest) way to do that is to use Shaders. I'll now describe those simple Shaders in GLSL

GLSL color texture edges
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