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This is the core of the game

Object Pool Management

I'm always looking for performances (too much I guess) and everybody knows that a malloc/free is expensive. That's why I was using a Object (can be Unit, Towers, Ammos....) array as a fixed memory and a vector of Object pointer as a list pointing to some of the array objects. The only problem was about the constructor. I didn't find a way to call it without "new"

Multiplayer : lot of towers

Multiplayer : Cooperative mode

Implementing Multi-player was an easy task. I only changed the "Player* player" to a "vector players".
Actually the game is in cooperative mode. But it can be easily changed to another multi-player mode. The money is individual but the rewards are shared whoever killed the unit.

The number of players in-game is not limited, which is a good news for my mmorpg version (will come in a long long time I guess)

Multi-player mode

Daily Menu

Today, You have the choice between the "start", an excellent button to start the party. Followed by the resume one, which is for those who likes to go ahead, a nice choice. The Option and About choice of today are missing, but will be back soon. And if don't like our menu you can just take the Exit one.

After spending many hours to get a good button design on Photoshop I finally got a pretty good result. This is the main menu.

Alpha 0.9 Game Menu

New Tower design

There are a lot a new features in the new version. One of the most interesting is the Tower design... which look like a tower. Thanks to Lislyn for the images.
I made different skins depending of the tower level and also for the weapons. I let you look at it.

You can also see the loading bar over each tower. It is useful to follow the tower loading time. Really easy to implement, I don't see anything more to say about it.

In the next post I'll show you the construction animation and the new shader used for the AOE weapons.

Does it look like a tower now ?

Alpha 8 : Take out the canons ... AOE is ready

The AOE (Area Of Effect, used to explain when a spell does some damages not only to 1 target but to many around the impact) is not really hard to implement but can easily reduce the performances of the model. Hopefully this is not a MMORPG so I don't really care if I have to loop over all the units in game to find units covered by the AOE.

I tried to add a graphic representation of the explosion and the AOE. Actually it is basic but efficient. Using a ExplosionGenerator as I like to call it, I simply draw a Circle with many particles.

AOE Projectiles

Alpha 7 : Target locked

After some days, I rewrote the spell system... to prevent useless instantiations.
I optimized the smoke generator to use static memory and prevent allocation.
The viewport is now using a zoom, the missiles uses smoke particles and the Tower Fire is visible by an animation (when the Ammo hits the target too)

To be able to write and test the spells gameplay I wrote a ConfigReader class using map<string,string> system. The config format is like the windows ini :
title = content

For exemple : the spells
[Fire 1]
id = 1
time = 5000 (ms)

Game Alpha 0.7
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