Welcome to mordor

Yahooo, the game is now using some map textures (I hesitate to generate from the map data or to use a background map as it is actually).

With the viewport system, I can scroll all over the map. I added the square over each cases to help me to see the correct place of the units on the map.

It is a good progress to get some graphism for the map and give me some power to go on this project. I'm impatient to implement the game-play to this new UI.

Game map and viewport

Starwars : Revenge of the lasers

After the particle system it is now the laser system that is cleaned.
I kept the old system with 1 class for 1 laser (needs to be upgraded to a system like the particle one if the number of lasers in game is important).
Actually the game still run well (with my 3 years old computer : GeForce 6) displaying 2200 lasers on the screen. I changed the way how a laser is displayed. It is not 3 textures displayed on 3 quads but 1 textures cut on 3 quads (it avoids the clamp/edge issues I got with the previous version)

2200 lasers

In the galaxy

I'm currently rewriting the whole View. I want to get a really nice view, because this is often the most important to attract the players. Even if the game is good, without a good view I'm afraid to stay alone to play it.

To take the best of each texture I separated the "model-view" and the "user-interface". The model-view can be zoomed, scrolled and ... but for the UI, it is static, or at least always with the same size. So, why not put the size of the item equals to the size of the texture ?...

Particle System

Shaders incoming

To explore some new effects, I added the Shader Deformer to add shaders to animations.
Actually there is no interesting screenshot for it (soon), but I can manipulate the textures to test the shaders. I'll come back with some extra cool features with shaders.

Alpha 5 : The menu please

The animations are now smarter. There is also the possibility to combine them or to add a decoration on it.
For example, you can add a floating move over a particle animation. I used the decorator pattern to implement it.

The menu is now in a circle calculated by the number of buttons. There is a animation moving from one button to another (like a Laser turning around the menu).

The button system is linked to the menu and send a command to the controller which decides what to do.

Empire Defense Alpha 5

Alpha 4 : When humans discover writing

The text is now essential to progress on this project.
To implement it I used a simple font manager class using textured bitmap font. There is a cool program to generate the metrics and the image, f2ibuilder

I added an Observer Pattern to allow some animations based on some events or instant items (like Laser).

Empire Defense Alpha 4

Alpha 3 : Prepare the war

Here is a small presentation of the alpha 3.
Spells are now included with some visual effects.
The money system is ready and the game rules are set (at least the "You lost")

Empire Defense Alpha 3

Adding spells to the defense

I finally wrote a short description for every spells available in the game. No technical information is in actually because I don't know if I want to keep the formulas secret or not. As well as there is no specific requirement for each. The game will need to be balanced.

The spells are not fully functional in the game but will be soon (and missing some good icons).

Starting the defense


"Empire Defense" is now officially announced.
I always loved Tower Defense game and I'm sure I can make an amazing one. This is the goal of this project.
I started 1 week ago and the current state is an alpha alpha version.

As you can see, there are only few graphics. I focused on the model part (It is MVC style)
If anyone wanna make some 3D models for the game (towers, units...), you're welcome to contact me.

the game is actually using 2D view but I'll change this later.

Empire Defense Alpha 2
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