MVC applied to the sound

Now I have some music/sounds to add to the game (see the next post), I need to implement the Sound Engine. After looking for a library on Google, my final choice was Fmod. It's quite easy to use and seems to be fast. I'll not show you how to use it, there are some tutorials easy to follow on Internet.
However, this is a big step in the game development. The sounds and the music really increases the game sensations.

The Sound Engine is following the MVC system. I use it like a View component. Any event sent by the game can generate a sound are change the music or ... It is really simple to use. But the problem was about the UserInterface, there was no event sent by the UI (View component) so I added a UIObserver and UIObservable interface to solve that.
Maybe not the best solution but it keeps the system easy to manage.