In the galaxy

I'm currently rewriting the whole View. I want to get a really nice view, because this is often the most important to attract the players. Even if the game is good, without a good view I'm afraid to stay alone to play it.

To take the best of each texture I separated the "model-view" and the "user-interface". The model-view can be zoomed, scrolled and ... but for the UI, it is static, or at least always with the same size. So, why not put the size of the item equals to the size of the texture ?...

This is really relevant with the fonts. Now I can use them at a lower resolution and keep them clear.

As a part of my rewriting, I changed a bit the particle system. It still uses an unoptimized system (I'm thinking about using shaders to render them... not sure if it is better or not) but is now colorized, with some more accurate parameters.

Each particle get a color influenced by a random intensity, which makes a good feeling of living particles. The speed of each one is proportional to its position at the beginning. The farther you are from the origin, the fastest you are.

The result : Crossing the galaxy inside the "Enterprise"

Particle System