Alpha 8 : Take out the canons ... AOE is ready

The AOE (Area Of Effect, used to explain when a spell does some damages not only to 1 target but to many around the impact) is not really hard to implement but can easily reduce the performances of the model. Hopefully this is not a MMORPG so I don't really care if I have to loop over all the units in game to find units covered by the AOE.

I tried to add a graphic representation of the explosion and the AOE. Actually it is basic but efficient. Using a ExplosionGenerator as I like to call it, I simply draw a Circle with many particles.

I decided to implement a new kind of Ammo : The Projectile (I really need to learn how to name some objects). The difference with the other ones is that it doesn't keep the target locked. This ammo is useful only if it is a AOE damage ammo. To make it more realistic, I added the 3D impression and a shadow. You can see the result on the screenshot.

AOE Projectiles